10 Ring Films is made up of a family of professional filmmakers who strive to create quality, entertaining content with high potential.


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Dark Of The Night

Dark Of The Night

7 min | PG13
Released 2016

Melting Pot

12 min | R | TV-MA DLSV
Released 2017

Poor Baby

6 min | PG13
Released 2019

Professional Production

Professional directors, writers, cinematographers, composers, crew and actors all come together for a top tier production experience.

We make great films

We winOur films have been featured in festivals in Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Texas.  We’ve brought home awards for Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Acting, Best Directing, Best Writing, Best Sound and others, plus loads of nominations along the way.  Above are just a few of the laurels our films have attained.

In Development

Lewy & The Little People

Lewy thought that he was seeing ghosts. 
The truth was a lot more sinister.

In Development


The treasure Wyatt found deep underground was more beautiful than anything he’d ever seen… and more deadly.

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10 Ring Films was founded by KC Allen in 2016, and has grown into a family of professionals.  The films we make win awards and get noticed.  From writing to directing, scoring to cinematography, our aim is quality.  Our aim is true.


Dark Of The Night

Melting Pot

Poor Baby


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